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Did you Remember?

 Did you remember?

Thursday, Sept. 22, was the first day of autumn, or "fall."  The National Council on Ageing designated Sept. 22 as "Fall" Awareness Day.  Now, I know this article is a few days late, but preventing falls is not a one day event!According to the US Center for Disease control, an "older adult" visits an emergency room every 11 seconds due to a fall related injury.  And falls are the leading cause of trauma-related hospital stays for senior citizens in the United States.  It is important for all of us, no matter what our age, to be aware of fall prevention.  Here are some ideas. Make sure your home is safe.  Remove items that could be tripped on, make sure there is enough light, use a bathmat in the tub, and grab bars in the bathroom if you need them.  Check your vision.  Poor eyesight can cause you to trip and can inhibit your balance.  Try to stand with your feet side by side and close your eyes to see how important your vision is to your balance. Have your ears checked as well. Good hearing increases your awareness of your surroundings.  Problems with your inner ear can impair your balance or cause vertigo. Exercise!  Focus on building strength, stability, and flexibility to help improve your balance and your ability to recover if you do stumble – to avoid a fall.  At Alliance Physical Therapy, we often work with people of all ages to improve their balance.  Better balance can improve sports performance in athletes, and can help older adults maintain their independence while living safely at home.

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