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Opioid Epidemic

 According to the magazine PTinMotion, the amount of prescription opioids sold in the US has nearly quadrupled since 1999. The other statistic that has quadrupled is the number of deaths caused by these prescription opioids. I know from personal experience how easy it is to have opioids prescribed for pain, without even asking for any type of pain medication prescription. The overprescribing of these medications has become a major problem in our country, along with abuse of these medications, by the person they were intended for, along with other members of the family or friends. In the wake of this crisis, new government funding of $1.1 billion was proposed to address this issue. The CDC released opioid prescription guidelines that recommend nondrug alternatives such as physical therapy for chronic pain. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is backing this campaign, with #ChoosePT. You may have seen some of these numerous announcements on TV, print ads, and social media. There was even an ad up on the digital billboard in New York City's Times Square!If you are suffering from chronic or even acute pain, there are safer and non-addicting interventions to help manage and relieve your pain, like physical therapy. We at Alliance Physical Therapy would be happy to assess your pain, then choose appropriate treatment, such as manual therapy, modalities, or pain-free stretches and exercises. It is amazing how physical therapy can help with your debilitating pain, and not only improve your ability for functional activities, but also your quality of life!

Yours in health!

Brittany McClary, DPT

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