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Out of Alignment?

Have you ever driven a car that was out of alignment? The ride is bumpy. Maybe it pulls to one side.  It takes more work to drive.  And if left unrepaired, you will notice a decrease in gas mileage and your tires will wear out more quickly.  Vehicle alignment is important if we want our car to perform well and not show excessive wear.  The alignment of our body is also important – for some of the same reasons. Our body is designed to work at its best when we have good posture, which allows our muscles and tendons to work in the way they were designed to work. If we habitually position our body in poor alignment, we cause some muscles and tendons to have to work too hard. This can cause muscle and tendon pain or damage, pain from pressure on nerves, and over time we will notice long term effects including degenerative conditions, poor digestion, and even difficulty breathing. Some of the more common causes of poor posture, and posture-related conditions that we see at Alliance Physical Therapy involve weak scapular, back, or core muscles, or tight pecs or hamstrings. We also see many people who have neck problems and headaches due to a combination of some overly tight, and some weak muscles in the neck, interscapular area and back. The good news is, a regular program of stretching and strengthening the appropriate muscles, paired with changes in habitual postural patterns, can help relieve or prevent posture related problems. Please give us a call so we can help design a program for you!

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Here's to a lifetime, of better health!

Lori Snyder, PTA

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