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Rio Olympics: Part 1

Rio Olympics: Part I
If you have been watching the Olympics, you may have seen brightly-colored tape, wrapping around a shoulder or thigh, in strange, twisting patterns. This is kinesiotape, a flexible, cotton-based tape, used for many different purposes. Unlike rigid tape that is used for supporting and limiting motion of a joint, the name itself "kinesio" means movement. The elastic properties of the tape do just that: allow movement. In their book on applications of kinesiotape, the authors Kase, Wallis, & Kase explain 6 different uses for kinesiotape, all of which provide some sort of correction to a painful area. Kinesiotape can be used to decrease swelling and inflammation, from acute injuries like contusions, to chronic conditions like lymphedema. The tape can also be used for mechanical, functional, fascia, or ligament/tendon corrections. There are specific techniques for all of these methods, including using the stretchy properties of the tape. For example, to help correct specific movement of a joint, generally 50-75% stretch is applied when placing the tape. For a fascia correction, only 25-50% of stretch is applied. We at Alliance Physical Therapy have had good success in using kinesiotape with the above listed corrections, which help to decrease pain, swelling, and increase function, in our patients. The other benefit of kinesiotape is that once we find a specific taping method that works for you, we can show you how to apply it yourself or with help of another person. If you want more information about this colorful tape, call or stop by today!
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