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Today we are going to talk about a common back injury in young athletes, called a spondylolysis- a funny name which basically means a stress fracture in one of the vertebrae (back bone). In an article in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, this type of back injury is present in 47% of young athletes that complain of low back pain. It can be diagnoses by Xray, and the good news is that physical therapy can help with this pain. Perhaps even better news for the athletes, is that this article concludes that beginning physical therapy earlier than what is currently the common practice leads to quicker, while still safe, return to sports. The article had two groups of young athletes, all diagnosed with spondylolysis. One group received PT less than 10 weeks after injury, while the other group received PT more than 10 weeks post-injury. The results show that the group that received PT earlier, had a quicker return to sports and activities by an average of 25 days. This means that early referral to PT can only have an athlete out of sports for 3-5 months, rather than the typical 5-7 months. Another benefit of earlier return to sports is that the athlete could avoid the related effects of long rest periods- weight gain, muscle wasting, and increased anxiety about being able to return to sports. So if you are a young athlete diagnosed with this condition, ask about referral to Alliance Physical Therapy early, to help return you to your favorite sport, at a quicker, while still safe, rate.
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