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AlterG Therapy


For your post-operative and post-injury patients, AlterG’s unique unweighting treadmill provides the opportunity to include closed kinetic chain functional rehabilitation earlier than ever before. AlterG is FDA cleared to safely provide a functional rehabilitation tool for any of your lower extremity patients who are:
  • Approved by their treating physician for at least 25% partial weight bearing
  • Allowed to flex and extend their hip, knee, and ankle through a limited range of motion

This revolutionary rehabilitation equipment also provides “prehab” conditioning with significantly reduced pain.  Patients who try the AlterG treadmill overwhelmingly prefer it and 100% of those surveyed say they like it.


  • Enables pre-surgery conditioning with significantly reduced pain (prehab)
  • Expands the concept “Weight Bearing As Tolerated” from 20% of body weight to 100% in 1% increments, so patients can specify exactly where exercise becomes pain free and progress can be easily tracked and charted
  • Provides precise early partial weight-bearing following injury or surgery to restore natural gait, range of motion and improved patient outcomes
  • Prosthetic training with improved balance and confidence
  • Neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training


  • Neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training
  • Improves neuromuscular control and activity and promotes brain plasticity
  • Enhances balance and confidence while emphasizing improved gait and stride length
  • Provides a safe environment for multi-task training and learning
  • Enables higher work load and training intensity for cardiovascular health and gait
  • High-degree of comfort and minimal fear of falling
  • 80% of target maximum heart rate exercise for longer periods of time

Senior Rehabilitation Strengthening and Conditioning

  • Exercise at fractional body weights to overcome mobility challenges in older patients
  • Promotes cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health in a safe environment
  • Strengthening and improved coordination of muscles thereby protecting surrounding joints
  • Builds confidence in older patients for improved functional capacity
  • May lower the risk of falling


Sport Injury Recovery


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